Why start a CLT in Sheffield? A view from Studio Polpo.

At Studio Polpo we have been involved in a range of collective and community led projects as well as academic and practice based research around housing and collective action in the city.

We worked with Portland Works to support the purchase of a threatened heritage building through the first community share issue in Sheffield, we have done research around housing, including co-housing and collective custom build, looked at processes of initiating socially motivated projects and at tools for agency. We have also looked at supporting temporary reuse of building for collective housing and explored ways of critiquing the status quo of housing production through residential performances.

We are also currently working with Shirle Hill co-housing group in Sheffield as well as supporting the Sheffield Cohousing Network and several other community groups.

We have decided to start the process of setting up the Sheffield Community Land Trust because we believe in the enormous potential of this model to deliver (through taking speculation out of the equation) housing and other facilities in a fair, accessible, sustainable and equitable way.