The beginning: 2015 Sheffield Housing Festival

The idea of Sheffield CLT was first presented on 18th April 2015 in at the Sheffield Housing Festival organised by South Yorkshire Housing Association in the context of the Homes for Britain national campaign (led by National Housing Federation, Chartered Institute of Housing, Crisis, Home Builders Federation, National House Building Council, Royal Institute of British Architects, Residential Landlords Association, Royal Town Planning Institute).

Homes for Britain campaign is committed to ending the housing crisis in a generation, calling all political parties for urgent solutions. The housing crisis we are living implies that a whole generation is unable to start a family, cannot leave the parents’ home or is at risk of becoming homeless. This is due to a lack of construction of new homes that has led to an increase in house prices which has fostered intense speculation. Availability and affordability are the main issues that are preventing people in Britain from owning a house, creating an unacceptable situation of uncertainty and instability.

After last year presentation at the Sheffield Housing Festival at Endcliffe Park, we are now moving forward and making the first steps towards the creation of the first CLT in Sheffield.