Sheffield CLT in The Star


Sheffield CLT was recently featured in local newspaper The Star, with founding members Cristina and Rupert speaking about the importance of including local citizens in the development process rather than leaving it to profit-seeking companies to shape the city.

“Are we going to be creating real neighbourhoods or just boxes, with little communal space, where most people don’t even know the person living next door? Is it really OK to run to outside developers and for Sheffield’s homes to be held by absentee landlords? We don’t think so. We think we need to find a way to do it ourselves. 

A Community Land Trust would let local people choose the type of homes they think are needed in their city. It would enable them to get involved with the buildings in which they live, making them more likely to engage long-term with the community. It’s healthy, it’s interactive and it’s an economically stable way of doing things.”

Read the full story here.


Call for involvement: join Sheffield CLT!

As we are moving forward, we will be soon applying for the support offered by the CLT Network and to other grants available for projects aiming to deliver affordable houses to the community. In order to start this journey we will need to have a strong steering committee to start taking decisions, negotiate with the council and the community.
The many vacant buildings and plots in the city offer great potential for a CLT in Sheffield: their regeneration would benefit the community as a whole, in a bottom-up project where the community takes the lead and has its voice heard.
If you are passionate about your city and think that Sheffield deserves an exciting project like this, we would be happy to have you on board.
More news is coming soon: feel free to get in touch by email at, Twitter at @SheffieldCLT, Facebook at SheffieldCLT or to pop up for a visit at Studio Polpo‘s offices in the Union Street Co-Working space.

Group #5 – 5 steps towards women-led urban development

With this projects students’ look at Wicker multicultural environment and look at the communities’ women to reinterpret their role and use of public spaces. They propose workshops, collective cooking, and playground activities to gather women to public spaces. The second step would be to gather funding towards more permanent structures and long-term projects like growing food at the railway bridge, the construction of permanent structure for the families, in order to also create jobs and foster the local economy.   

Visit to the MA Urban Design Students’ installation


On Tuesday 17 of May the installation of the MA Urban Design Students: “A Walk into the Future. Exploring community-­led development in Sheffield City Centre” took place in various locations across Sheffield city centre. Each group was assigned a specific area of the city and on Tuesday they displayed their plans for the local regeneration; open to explain their visions, answer questions and receive suggestions by local people passing by. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and to spread the aims and ideas behind Community Land Trusts.

We visited the five sites of the students’ installation and we asked them about their projects: it was a unique chance to re-think the city and experience it from a different perspective. A lot of exciting ideas for our Sheffield CLT!

Full report about each group will follow!


Sheffield CLT is getting in motion

The Sheffield CLT project is now moving towards an ‘active’ phase in which it will engage with local community and stakeholders to discuss models, scenarios and potential routes to establish Sheffield CLT. We will be working with Studio Polpo and the MA in Urban Design at the School of Architecture at University of Sheffield to explore and propose avenues for community led development in Sheffield City Centre within the wider framework of the Sheffield CLT project.

We are now engaging possible partnerships, identifying potential locations within Sheffield urban area and drafting prospective projects. The next month will be filled with news and events to help the promotion and development of the project. Update will be published on the Sheffield CLT website, Facebook and Twitter!