Blog Series: Naked House CLT, London



Naked House’ is a non-profit London-bred solution to unaffordable housing.  The concept ensures affordability through minimalism; the Naked House is essentially a well designed ‘shell’ structure built from durable, low cost materials without any of the cost-adding finishings that typically come with off -the-shelf ‘affordable’ housing making them unnecessarily expensive. Under this model the home is 100% affordable with 100% ownership affording homeowners the security of long term tenure.  In this way homeowners have the flexibility to furnish, modify and expand their homes to meet their needs as and when they can afford to do so.


The concept is grounded in community-orientated approach; the Naked Houses will be built in community clusters where shared space will be collectively planned and will hopefully allow for skills, knowledge and tool sharing. The idea is also to keep resale costs low to ensure that the Naked Houses always remain affordable.


More information can be found on the Naked House website, Twitter account or Facebook page. You can also listen to their Pecha Kucha talk here.


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