sustainable community-owned development
for the city of Sheffield

Our Principles

The Sheffield Community Land Trust sets out to deliver against the following principles:


Development and stewardship of places by and for its local community, not-for-profit, and prioritises their interests.


Housing, workspaces and other community owned assets which are genuinely affordable, with tenures which are secure.


Motivated by environmental, ecological and social regeneration, and supporting retrofit, circular economies, and green infrastructure.

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  • Strategic Priorities Workshop

    Strategic Priorities Workshop

    Members of the Sheffield CLT met on the 10th of Jan for the first of two facilitated workshops to discuss priorities and structures. The session was facilitated by Blase Lambert of the Confederation of Co-operative Housing using their Wayshaper toolkit, a card-based decision making tool that allows groups “to explore the needs and preferences of […]

  • (Re)Launch Event

    (Re)Launch Event

    SCLT held a public launch event on Saturday the 12th November 2022, as part of the Festival of Social Science. The day kicked off with a panel discussion between three invited speakers: Dr Tom Archer of CRESA and Sheffield Hallam University; Sarah Ernst of Architype and Darren French, Chair of Heart of Hastings CLT and […]

  • Sheffield CLT in The Star

    Sheffield CLT in The Star

    Sheffield Community Land Trust Sheffield CLT was recently featured in local newspaper The Star, with founding members Cristina and Rupert speaking about the importance of including local citizens in the development process rather than leaving it to profit-seeking companies to shape the city. “Are we going to be creating real neighbourhoods or just boxes, with […]

  • Housing Stock Mapping

    Housing Stock Mapping

    Based on the data from Sheffield City Council, we produced the following map showing the existing housing stock owned by the council. Sheffield City Council Housing Stock The base map uses are the housing market areas identified by the Sheffield City Council, with the city centre area highlighted in green. In the Housing and Land […]

  • Application for Stage 1 funding from the National CLT Network Approved!

      We are very excited to announce that our application for Stage 1 funding from the National CLT Network has been approved. This will give us access to support from a specialist CLT Technical Advisor on how to take the Sheffield CLT forward. Details on the meeting with the advisor will follow soon. All members […]

  • Blog Series: Naked House CLT, London

      Naked House’ is a non-profit London-bred solution to unaffordable housing.  The concept ensures affordability through minimalism; the Naked House is essentially a well designed ‘shell’ structure built from durable, low cost materials without any of the cost-adding finishings that typically come with off -the-shelf ‘affordable’ housing making them unnecessarily expensive. Under this model the […]

  • Blog Series: East London CLT – St Clement’s Hospital

    St Clement’s Hospital is London’s first CLT site. The project will provide 252 new homes, 35% of which will be genuinely affordable homes and will include 58 for ‘social rent’ and 23 community land trust homes priced according to local wages. The project intends for these homes to be built sustainably, with good access to […]

  • Blog Series: UK’s Urban CLT’s – Rural Urban Synthesis Society (Lewisham)

    The Rural Urban Synthesis Society, a CLT based in Lewisham, was founded in 2009 and now has over 500 members. Its mission is to reduce its communities’ dependence on fossil fuels, increase food security, encourage biodiversity and provide affordable housing for Londoners through creating charming, low-energy, genuinely affordable homes in sustainable neighborhoods managed by residents. […]

  • Blog Series: UK’s Urban Community Land Trusts.

    An Introduction:  Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organisations established by communities to provide genuinely and permanently affordable, community-controlled housing and other assets such as social enterprises, bakeries and gardens; work or meeting spaces; and green spaces. CLTs provide an important social good in the context of and soaring property and private rental prices which are […]

  • Sheffield CLT Working Group – Join Us!

    The Sheffield CLT is a project aimed at working with local residents to turn vacant buildings and plots in the city into genuinely affordable housing for the Sheffield community. If being part of this project interests you or if you would like to learn more about social-enterprise housing models for Sheffield bring your lunch and […]

  • Call for involvement: join Sheffield CLT!

    As we are moving forward, we will be soon applying for the support offered by the CLT Network and to other grants available for projects aiming to deliver affordable houses to the community. In order to start this journey we will need to have a strong steering committee to start taking decisions, negotiate with the […]

  • Sheffield CLT joined the National CLT Network

    A further step in the realization of the Sheffield CLT: we have recently joined the National CLT Network as a Stat Up affiliate. By joining the Network, we are supporting its lobbying and campaigning to have the needs of CLTs heard by our Government, we will be able to share knowledge and experience, so crucial […]

  • Group #5 – 5 steps towards women-led urban development

    With this projects students’ look at Wicker multicultural environment and look at the communities’ women to reinterpret their role and use of public spaces. They propose workshops, collective cooking, and playground activities to gather women to public spaces. The second step would be to gather funding towards more permanent structures and long-term projects like growing […]

  • Group #4 – Community led Housing in Wicker

    a- The group first analysed the local situation, highlighting the issues and potentials and then designed a tailored project that in the short term would see the development of a community center, a riverside coffee and a communal kitchen. The plan would later include affordable school, a community park and a housing area. b- With […]

  • Group #3 – “Live & work” in the heart of city

    The group’s idea developed around the question: “would you like to ‘live and work’ in the city centre?” This simple question draws the attention to the issues of rent affordability that often make inaccessible the city centre, forcing people and companies to move away. They also underlined the existence of empty unused buildings in the […]

  • Group #2 – Wellington Street: Dynamic, Energetic, Collective

    The motto of the group was: “proposing a phased community-led development for Wellington street, to achieve its potentials as a thriving city centre with identity, vitality and diversity” The group underlined the central position of Wellington Street as its main potential: they looked at the existing network and outlined future possible partnerships to gather funding […]

  • Group #1 – More diversity, less isolation

    As initial phase of the project the group explored possible ways to create a community of current and future residents in the Devonshire Quarter through inclusive activities. In their vision the area would gain a new life through historic building regeneration, public activation, new affordable housing and a revitalised outdoor public space.

  • Sheffield CLT is getting in motion

    Sheffield CLT is getting in motion

    The Sheffield CLT project is now moving towards an ‘active’ phase in which it will engage with local community and stakeholders to discuss models, scenarios and potential routes to establish Sheffield CLT. We will be working with Studio Polpo and the MA in Urban Design at the School of Architecture at University of Sheffield to […]

  • The beginning: 2015 Sheffield Housing Festival

    The beginning: 2015 Sheffield Housing Festival

    The idea of Sheffield CLT was first presented on 18th April 2015 in at the Sheffield Housing Festival organised by South Yorkshire Housing Association in the context of the Homes for Britain national campaign (led by National Housing Federation, Chartered Institute of Housing, Crisis, Home Builders Federation, National House Building Council, Royal Institute of British […]